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DEADLINE: April 30th
Fill out the nomination form online or download the PDF paper form. 


Thank you for requesting information on the nomination process for induction into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame. The Board of Directors of the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame is dedicated to accomplishing its mission by honoring the most talented and accomplished music community members.

In order to preserve the cultural and musical diversities of the greater Niagara Falls New York area, we encourage nominations from all genres of music for individuals, groups, businesses, venues or events that have had an impact on the local music scene and the music industry in general. We depend on the public’s input to ensure that the most deserving are recognized. You may nominate yourself or another party by completing the on-line form or downloadable paper form (see below) and sending it in with supporting materials to the address above. Please submit documents that verify the information being presented and include contact information for the person(s) being nominated.

All documents received become the property of the NFMusicHOF and will not be returned. So please provide copies of supporting materials such as pictures, press releases, interviews, website/ newspaper/magazine articles, album/CD liner notes, recording credits, etc. For nominees not selected for induction this year, nominations and supporting documents will remain as living files, whereas the information will be considered with any future resubmissions. To be considered for future year inductions, the nomination form (cover sheet) for that year must be submitted along with any additional material that has not been previously submitted.



A nominee/applicant must have a definite connection to the Greater Niagara Falls New York Geographical Area and have made a significant contribution toward the creation of musical excellence. A nominee may be an individual, group, business, institution, event or venue, representing any music genre and be associated with any music related vocation from any era. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT A TALENT OR POPULARITY CONTEST.  Inductee selections are based on how a nominee has impacted the local community and the world with their talents and ability to make a difference.  All information submitted MUST have supporting documentation or it may not be considered. 

Decision Process

NFMusicHOF inductees are chosen based on nominations received by the general public by completing and sending in a nomination form.

Based on the information submitted, a formal evaluation process is dedicated to evaluating each nomination received. Once nominees are rated, a new class of inductees is selected then announced at a press conference. Inductees are formally recognized and honored at the Annual NFMusicHOF Induction Ceremony.

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