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D'Amico Music

Michael Hatalak

Marsha McWilson

Thomas Nelson

Thom Rotella

Seven Day Faith

This annual award is given to someone in the community who, without a doubt, is passionate about the music history of the greater Niagara Falls New York area.  The recipient may be a musician, a musical artist, a music promoter, a music business professional, or a remarkable music fan who exemplifies passion and profound support of the music and musicians in the greater Niagara Falls community.  This award is given in honor of Dr. Samuel ‘Saxman’ Morreale who was a local dentist, music historian and talented musician, who played the saxophone and clarinet for over 70 years in the Niagara Falls area until his untimely death in January 2019. The Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame is eternally grateful for the magnitude of his knowledge and his incredible research of the rich music history in Niagara Falls New York. 



Willie Favero 

Tom Gariano

Frank Grizanti

Jamie Holka

Bobby Jones

Bruce Wojick 

Legacy Inductees:

John Barbera

Joe Campese

Sam Cassano

Ray Corsaro 

Jerry D’Amico

John Davies

Don Duffy

Rick Fiori

Ed Ghougasian

Emilio Giandomenico

Joe Leo

Joe Mangione

George “Big Man” McCray

John T. Morell

Chuck “Chu” Nero

Hal Palumbo

Sal Paonessa

Angelo Pilato

Eli Saks

Harold Schatz

Tony Scibilia

Tony Surace

Tommy Tedesco

Chuck Tormino

Clarence Way


Al Giambattista


Thomas F. Proctor IV

(aka Thomas Loop™)