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JOHN J. DeROSE (Mar 21 1921 - Sep 15 1975), a musical virtuoso, who was born in the heart of Niagara Falls New York, started his musical journey under the loving guidance of his father, Joseph DeRose, who taught him how to play the guitar and mandolin.

John sharpened his reading and playing skills while serving in the United States Air Force where he played the guitar and French horn, mastering the intricacies of both instruments. His dedication led him to further honing his skills under the tutelage of Sophocles Papas, an internationally renowned teacher of classical guitar.

A remarkable chapter in his life unfolded when he received a rare invitation to study in the prestigious master class of Segovia, another internationally known performer and teacher of classical guitar. Before heading west, John left a remarkable impression on the local music scene, where he graced the stages of numerous venues in Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Lockport, and Lewiston performing with The Mel Tone Trio, The Carl Stewart Trio, and Carmen Previte and his Latinairs.

Like a few talented musicians from this area, John moved to Los Angeles and became a studio session musician, where his legacy is nothing short of extraordinary. He was the quintessential "musical gun for hire," lending his exceptional talents to an array of instruments, including the guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and other fretted string instruments.

His name is etched in music history, having performed in numerous TV shows, movies, theater productions, records, and jingles. His strings resonated alongside legends like Sammy Davis Jr., Bobby Vinton, Andy Williams, Janis Ian, and Frank Sinatra. His invaluable contributions extended to the illustrious Wrecking Crew, among others. John's guitar genius even left its mark in award-winning films, such as "Airport" and "The Godfather Part II." As a member of NBC New York's esteemed staff, John DeRose found himself in the spotlight on shows like the "Tonight Show," where he shared the stage with Bucky Pizzarelli, Al Ciola, and Tony Mottola.

He was a musical part of the TV show "Sing Along with Mitch". His talents transcended the small screen and found their way into the grandeur of Broadway productions, Greek Theater performances, the LA Philharmonic, the Boston Pops, and the legendary Playboy Club Circuit. Notably, he had the distinct honor of performing as a soloist at Frank Sinatra's 60th birthday party.

In celebration of his truly remarkable dedication and contributions to the world of music, it is a pleasure and honor to posthumously welcome John J. DeRose into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame.

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