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ANTHONY ‘TONY’ BECCARI is considered to be a Niagara Falls New York musical legend. With a career spanning over five decades, Tony's musical voyage began at the tender age of five when he first discovered his passion for music, guided by his supportive parents.

He perfected his skills through eight years of dedicated piano and accordion lessons, laying the foundation for his remarkable musical talent. At age eleven, he embarked on his musical adventure by forming his first “basement” band, The American Underground, showcasing his talents with the electric accordion, keyboards, and vocals. Tony's dedication led him to voice lessons, driven by his dream of becoming a lead vocalist.

Throughout his formative years, he collaborated with high school friends, many of whom remain his musical companions to this day. He joined London Fog, later renamed Everyday People, where they graced the stage of 'The Main' lounge in Niagara Falls for two years. Post high school, he co-founded the progressive rock band ZOLA, where Tony assumed the role of lead vocalist and keyboardist. ZOLA quickly became a fixture on the local music scene, performing at various clubs, college circuits and Canadian venues. Their monumental performance to a crowd of 5,000 at The Niagara Falls Convention Center in April 1975 showcased Tony's songwriting talents and marked a pivotal moment in his career. After ZOLA disbanded, for members to further their music education, Tony's journey continued through various bands, including Everyday People, Black Widow, Highway, Eden, and TaTa Swan.

In the early 1980’s, the band SLAM emerged, with Tony once again leading the charge as the front man and also showcasing his percussion skills. For over two decades, SLAM entertained audiences continuously. A decade-long hiatus from performing allowed Tony to care for his aging parents, but his unwavering passion for music eventually led him back to the stage.

Currently, he graces the local music scene with two bands: The Rockers (25+ years strong) and STORM, in addition to various duos and trios, delighting audiences in the local club circuit. Tony's music career has intertwined with many esteemed musicians in the Niagara Falls and Buffalo area, including multiple Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame inductees. His recording credits include notable albums with bands like Eden, SLAM, and Everyday People. Tony's charisma captivates his audience, entertaining them from his first note.

His passion for music surfaces in his expressive vocal performances from lead to harmonies in a wide range of genres from rock to jazz and dance to progressive. It is a pleasure to welcome Anthony ‘Tony’ Beccari into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame.

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