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Mark Dixon was born and raised in Niagara Falls New York and according to his mother, he started singing at the age of two. Whenever the Ipana toothpaste commercial would come on, he would sit in front of the television and sing along with it.

In 1964, Mark saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, and from then on, he knew what he wanted to do with his life. On May 9th 1969, Mark made his first professional appearance singing on stage at Gaskill Junior High School in a Battle of the Bands competition. His band, JAF came in second place after having only one rehearsal.

Mark went on to play with other talented and well-respected Niagara Falls musicians in the bands, Street Noise and Avalanche. In 1981, Mark auditioned for the national rock band Boston. Selected over 3,000 other hopeful vocalists, Mark became Boston’s new lead singer. He sang lead and background vocals on some of the original recording sessions for Boston’s third album, Third Stage.

Although Brad Delp returned to the band in 1983 replacing Dixon’s vocal tracks in the final mix, Dixon’s harmonies worked out during the recording sessions were used on the album. Mark lived for a short time in California and returned to Niagara Falls. In 1985 he started a group, The Party Squad, a top-40 music group who have been performing together for over 30 years in Western New York. Mark is not only the singer but also a drummer, promoter and booking agent for the band.

In 1990, Mark Dixon was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame for his lead vocal abilities and musical accomplishments. In 1993, Party Squad was also inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. In 2004, Mark won a NAMMA (Niagara Area Molson Music Award). Still performing with The Party Squad, Mark also fronts the Western New York group ELI, a Three Dog Night Tribute band, where he sings most of Chuck Negron’s original vocal parts and harmonizes along with two other singers. Mark is admired and well respected within the Western New York music community.

He performs regularly at many fundraising events for local and national charities as a solo artist, with his fellow bandmates or reuniting with other Niagara Falls musicians for reunions and special performances. He has also written many songs, some of which have been picked up and published by several Nashville publishers.

For all of his artistic accomplishments and contributions to the local music scene, it is a pleasure to welcome Mark Dixon as a member of the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

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