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Bill Savino, a senior partner at the Buffalo law firm of Woods Oviatt & Gilman, has led a multifaceted life blending law and music. His journey into the world of music began early, as he started playing bass guitar in bars at the age of 16, armed with fake proof of age. During his time at the University of Rochester, Bill delved deeper into music, participating in Eastman’s two-year music theory program and studying under Chuck Mangione in the jazz lab.


Upon transferring to the University of Buffalo, Bill, along with fellow Niagara Falls residents Bobby Previte and Richard Shulman, became the jazz trio in residence. Additionally, Bill and Richard showcased their talents in the school’s jazz ensemble.


Beyond performing, Bill also explored his passion for music through journalism, serving as a music reviewer for various publications. Through his work, he had the opportunity to interview iconic figures such as Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, and B.B. King. Bill’s dedication to jazz extended beyond performance and journalism.


He hosted the popular jazz program “Inside the Changes” on WBFO for over four years, sharing his deep knowledge and passion for the genre with listeners. Today, Bill continues to share his musical talents with the Western New York community.


He performs as a member of the soul band “Jelly Jar” and the award-winning jazz octet “My Cousin Toné”. Additionally, he contributes to the local music scene by serving on the board of the Lewiston Jazz Festival.

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