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Rick Catanese


RICK CATANESE, a native of Niagara Falls, is a legendary figure in the Western New York music scene. With a career spanning 55 years, his talents as a bass guitarist have resonated on stages throughout the region. Over the years, he has been a versatile musician, performing with a diverse range of bands, including New England Syndicate, Beginnings, Penn West, ZOLA, Bedrock, Jerry D'Amico's Brimstone, The Rockers, The Frank Grizanti Band, Summer of '69, and STORM.


He has also shared the limelight with renowned artists, as he opened for acts like Suzi Quatro, Gino Vannelli, Foreigner, The Outlaws, and Kansas at various Western New York venues, making his mark on the music landscape undeniable.  Rick's contributions to the local music scene extend far beyond his impressive tenure. He is not only a skilled bassist but also a singer and songwriter, having composed original songs and contributed to various albums, collaborating with bands such as The USA Band, Navigator (‘Phantom Ships’/2015), Ron LaSalle,and CPSW (‘Time Never Knows’/2018 and ‘Riding the Rails’/2021). Beyond performing, Rick's dedication to the music industry extends in the studio.  His 35-year tenure as a production manager and engineer at JD Calato Regal Tip Manufacturing attests to his technical expertise.


He co-owned and operated The Brewery Recording Studio in Niagara Falls, demonstrating his passion for recording and producing music. Currently, Rick owns and operates The Lighthouse Recording Studio in Ransomville, NY, showcasing his commitment to nurturing local talent. He's involved in numerous studio projects, recording tracks, and collaborating with acclaimed artists like Bobby Rondinelli, known for his work with iconic bands such as Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Quiet Riot, and the Lizards.


Additionally, he mastered an album for NFMusic Hall of Famer Al Ligammari featuring Jon Anderson from Yes. With Rick as both bassist and recording engineer, CPSW (Catanese, NF Music Hall of Famer Marcangelo Perricelli, Mike Soro and Keith Welch) is gearing up for an eagerly awaited album set for release later this year.  Rick remains an active force in the WNY music scene, performing with the Frank Grizanti Band, The Rockers, and STORM, where he continues to build a dedicated fan base. As a member of Beginnings, he was inducted into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame in 2018. 


Because of his enduring career, his dedication and inspiring contributions to musicians and music enthusiasts throughout the region, we are now honored to welcome the legendary bassist, composer, producer and recording engineer Rick Catanese into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame.

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