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STEMM is an American metal band from Niagara Falls, New York formed in 1998. Within four months, their first album sold over 600 copies & their first concert was opening for major label recording group Sevendust. STEMM was soon endorsed by ESP Guitars, Dream Cymbals, Regal Tip, Mesa Boogie and Jägermeister. STEMM won the Buffalo Music Award for Best Hardcore/Metal act in WNY for three consecutive years in 2001, 2002, & 2003.

In 2002, STEMM signed a licensing deal with the UFC, writing the UFC theme song Face the Pain in 2003 branding the Rock Hard/Heavy Metal band as The Soundtrack to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Throughout 14 years of independent success, STEMM released Further Efforts-1999, Dead To Me-2001, Songs for the Incurable Heart-2005, Blood Scent-2008, Crossroads-2011 and Face The Pain-2012 through their own label; Catch 22 Records. STEMM represents American Metal at it's finest, bridging the gap between thunderous hardcore style metal and the more approachable radio friendly hard rock sounds.

A taste of Active Rock/Liquid radio success for the songs "Monster" and "House of Cards" and 1000+ road shows found Stemm supporting acts such as Run–DMC, Chimaira, Hatebreed, Sevendust, Stone Sour, Korn, Black Label Society, Staind, Alter Bridge, Machine Head, Soulfly, Killswitch Engage, Damage Plan and many other national acts.

The band’s reputation in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world have landed STEMM on every UFC related television program and video game, plus ‘Face The Pain 2012’ song placement on the Kevin James’ movie 'Here Comes The Boom', the television show ‘It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and Sega’s IRON MAN 2, UFC Undisputed/EA Sports, MMA/EA Sports, UFC/EA Sports, UFC 2/EA Sports, and UFC 3 ‘MMA’ video games.

Over the years, STEMM has also played many Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Tour dates and other national tours. STEMM members are Joe Cafarella (Guitarist/Vocals 1998-Present), Dan Nelligan (Drums 2002-Present), Alex Scouten (Guitarist 2007-present), Steve Crowl (Bass 2002-Present), Mario Nobilio (Bass 2010-2012), Louis Penque (lead vocals 1998-2002), TJ Frost (lead vocals 2002-2007), Rich Spall (guitarist 1999-2007).

STEMM has recorded more music coming out this year. To hear their music, check them out on Spotify Radio. It is a great pleasure to welcome STEMM into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

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