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Nori Bucci 

NORI BUCCI, a native of Niagara Falls, New York, is a remarkable guitarist whose talent and accomplishments have earned her tremendous recognition. As a child, Nori displayed a precocious interest in music and art. She started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil, and at the age of 10, discovered her love for the guitar. Without formal lessons, she taught herself to play by listening to her favorite records and picking out songs by ear. Her dedication led her to explore classical guitar, where she mastered advanced techniques even before taking a single lesson.


During her teenage years, Nori’s creativity extended to composition, where she began writing guitar-based instrumental music and short pieces for fingerstyle guitar. In 1994, she began studying music theory under the guidance of Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (BMHOF) guitarist Tony Scozzaro. Her passion for music continued to flourish as she pursued formal education at Villa Maria College. Through self-study and unwavering determination, Nori enhanced her writing skills, exploring diverse musical styles, from folk and fusion to classical, rock, and jazz. Her talents have not gone unnoticed in the competitive music world. In June 2002, she claimed the second-place prize in the "North American Rock Guitar Competition." Just a year later, in November 2003, she was named "Best Rock Guitarist" at the Buffalo Music Awards. From 2004 to 2006, Nori was the lead guitarist for the popular progressive /jazz-rock fusion band Gamalon, who are BMHOF Inductees. Collaborating with one of the original members, the late Bruce Brucato, also a BMHOF inductee, they formed the guitar duo Guitar Pirates.


Her journey continued as she became a part of various Niagara Falls bands including Tribal Reign and currently with Seventh Sign. In addition to performing with these groups, she also created her own music with the progressive rock trio Drive. Nori has composed, performed, and recorded two remarkable albums: "Speak to My Soul" (2000) and “Tales of a Dream" (2003), and is currently working on her third album. Her music can be heard on Amazon Music, Last.FM, and Her incredible talent has earned her a place among the top female guitarists in the world, as recognized by prominent publications and websites like Guitar Lobby, HistoryA2Z, and Guitar Player. Her performances, showcased in numerous videos on YouTube, Schreddilcious, and Truth in Shredding websites, have garnered widespread acclaim and a dedicated following. Nori is not just a talented guitarist; she also contributes to the community by teaching guitar at D'Amico Music. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and passion with aspiring musicians is a testament to her dedication to promoting more generations of music. It is a pleasure to welcome Nori Bucci into the Niagara Falls Music Hall of Fame. 

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